Motion Graphics

It’s important for your productions to have a certain look and feel that attracts attention, looks sleek and maintains a modern fresh image to your audience. In today’s media, everyone is looking for that competitive edge that adds gloss to a message they feel passionately about. Motion Graphics allow you to do this. Here at JMS, our team have the ability and creative minds to make any of your wildest styling ideas come to life on screen.

Video Effects

With any video productions we create, we can offer a wide range of additional extras to enhance the experience for your audience

  • Animated backgrounds
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Transitions
  • Lower Thirds
  • Intro/Outro Sequences
  • Product Animation

Flash Animation

Flash is still a widely used form of media for the web, and can also be applied in store with many available advertising platforms. Allowing for both simple and advanced styles, this is the perfect medium for shorter advertising.

3D Animation

We have the facilities available to create fully detailed 3D replicas of products, logo’s, display items or anything else you may require. Using 3D to display certain business critical items or new products can give your production a cinematic style. We can also apply this modelling to text or 3D background and studio environments, to compliment any green screen filming. Why not put yourself in a 3D studio?

Text Treatment

If you choose to include text within your production, there is almost an unlimited supply of treatments that JMS can use to bring it to life. Whether it’s clean and simple colours, or logo’s bursting with life and animation, we can visualise your aims.

L-concateno.jpgMcColls Retail Group - Black.pngNicolites-logo small.pnga-asda.jpgb-cadbury.jpgc-co-op-food.jpge-midlands-coop.jpgf-nfrn.jpgg-somerfield.jpgh-health-lottery.jpgi-nirvana-spa.jpgj-inenco.jpgk-whitefriars.jpgm-firstchoice.jpgn-thomson.jpgo-islandcruises.jpgp-hertz.jpgL-concateno.jpgMcColls Retail Group - Black.pngNicolites-logo small.pnga-asda.jpgb-cadbury.jpgc-co-op-food.jpge-midlands-coop.jpgf-nfrn.jpgg-somerfield.jpgh-health-lottery.jpgi-nirvana-spa.jpgj-inenco.jpgk-whitefriars.jpgm-firstchoice.jpgn-thomson.jpgo-islandcruises.jpgp-hertz.jpg