Digital Marketing Agency in Wokingham

JMS Content Studio is a highly regarded agency with consummate skills in digital marketing and communications. We are based in Wokingham, however our clients are nationwide.

At the heart of great businesses, is a dedicated and creative team, with an understanding of the importance of communications in all its forms. Here's a brief synopsis of what we can do for you:

  • Inform your workforce about your business – where it is going, how it is doing, how it can be improved.
  • Demonstrate your new products or services to a wider audience
  • Capture best practice to share with others, magical moments in your business – a golf day, a team building event or your company conference to share with others.
  • Motivate and inspire your team with personal messages of encouragement delivered using your own video channel.
  • Influence your sales prospects with our Customer endorsement videos..…let your existing customers tell your prospects how great you are.
  • Wow your audience with Hollywood style special effects and powerful soundtracks.

Now, our team reflects upon their skills & experience:

Jim Martin: Account Director and Communications Specialist

Having worked for half his life as a corporate client, then moving on to found and run JMS, he is in the unique position of being able to see things from your perspective. JIm understands how businesses work, the pressures on budgets, but perhaps more importantly, he can remember the impact that well - constructed presentations had on his career.

For over 25 years Jim has been captivated by the power of multi-media, and his passion for delivering effective, moving, consistent communications is still there today. He relaxes on the golf course.

Nick Layton - Photography & Video Editing

Nick produced for IBM for 16 years which saw him shoot around the World.

He is also a regular contributor to 'EOS Magazine', and has also shot for 'Advanced Photographer', Practical Photography', 'TV Zone' and created images used in brochures for Canon and others. He relaxes by taking photographs and creating video.

Christian Sturgess - Senior Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editing

Graduate in Journalism & Media Studies, Christian has had an interest with creative media for as long as he can remember. Whilst specialising in After Effects, Photoshop & Premiere, he is also very proficient with sound engineering and editing tools, making him very comfortable within both pre & post production environments. He relaxes in the gym, listening to and performing music, and playing the Bass Guitar.

Tom Withey - Flash Animation & Video Editing

A keen interest in film and television means that Tom is always looking to keep JMS up to date with cutting edge visual styles. Whilst an aspiring cameraman, Tom is equally at home in post production enjoying adding the touches that raise the level of ordinairy business communications.


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